The problem with a personal blog
Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 09:41PM
Jeff Bell

One of the main problems with a personal blog is that it can represent a checklist of all the things one said they were going to do and ultimately failed to accomplish. I have said all over the place that I would do more reading, and I had every intention of doing so, and yet life intervened, or my laziness intervened, or who knows what happened. So I ignore those failed attempts and I reset my goal and I write away.

Currently I am working on a few projects with a writing partner. The way I see it, if having a work out partner helps so much for getting your ass to the gym then having a writing partner will help me get my butt in front of the keyboard or notebook to write. So far it has worked wonders. We are working on a story idea that I had brewing for a while but didn't know where to take it. We bounced ideas off each other, got excited, and decided we should both write the story because it is one we both want to read. We are also developing a whole new fantasy world, which will be a labor of love and will take some time to create. Once created we will write our own stories in it and see where the world takes us. I am very excited to see how this one works out because I like the idea of not having total control over the environment I am writing in. In this experiment we are definitely making the world a character of it's one.

Lastly we are both writing blog articles on the weird, paranormal, and sometimes scary. This one is purely a writing exercise that gives us a milestone to shoot for. One article a week, that has to be researched, written, and published by a deadline, which we both barely make each time. It started out as a labor of love for me but, again, the thought of having an additional contributor really helped to ramp up my drive to publish written articles by a set time. I can't keep tweaking and tweaking until I get it "just right". At some point I just have to edit it and post it and move on to the next one. It's a discipline that I need to learn anyway. I need to not hold onto my written words in the hopes that they might grow up, go to college, and support me in my old age. I have to cut them lose and set them free and see how they turn out.

At any rate, I am writing and writing a lot more frequently than I had in the past and it feels really good. I will have short stories and anthologies and novels to look forward to and I am energized by someone who has as much if not more enthusiasm about the things I want to create as I do.

Also, I am counting this towards my overall writing count :p

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