Writers Block
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 11:23PM
Jeff Bell

Sometimes it isn't the lack of drive that keeps me from writing. Sometimes, as it is today, it is the lack of direction. I know where I want my novel to go, ultimately, but the destination is a long way off from the point where I am. I have a good series of events, some characters I like a lot, and yet I have hit a dead spot in the action. I want this story to progress. I want to be able to spin the tale and close the cover and sit back and feel the weight disappear. 

The last time I got to the word count I am at I scrapped the last chapter. See, I crossed the 20k word line and I stalled. I thought that perhaps it was the corner I had written myself into that I got stuck in. I figured that since I had just come out of a lot of action and a big event that the next chapter was suffering having to be the following act. I put the story down for a while, too long admittedly, and then returned to it recently. I tried to take a mulligan on the last chapter and start fresh. I wrote like the wind and then stalled out again, right after crossing 20k.

As much as I prefer to be a discovery writer and let the story tell itself to me, I may need to plan a few things out for this little lurch and plow through,

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