Everyone has a Story to Tell

Everyone has a story to tell. Every one of those stories matter in some way. It could be a story about your worst day, a story about why you wear your hair the way you do, a story you overheard on the bus or train. Each one of these stories means something.  

Stories entertain us - from books to movies to news paper articles to history book. They teach us, inspire us, remind us, and much more. They allow us to express ourselves, whether we are the person writing/telling the story or whether we are the observer.

Everywhere you look there is a story waiting to be told, or waiting to tell itself to you. For as long as I can remember I have always seen stories that wanted to be told. I would look at events that happened and think about what I might have missed, or what I wish I would have seen. 

I was grounded a lot growing up and, if I were asked to recall how often I was ground, I would venture to say that I was grounded more often than not. Stories became my entertainment. I read what books I could get my hands on, as tv shows and movies were a scarce commodity. Stories were my escape from the confines of my room.

I would often lay on my bed, book held over my head which was propped on a pillow, and dive into the worlds in the pages. I have never been a fast reader. I make the fatal error of voicing the words I read in my head. I do it because I find it enjoyable. I give the characters voices and I let the scenes sink in and flourish and spring to life. I don't want to read faster, I just want more time to read. 

At some point in high school, I got the desire to write stories of my own. It was never anything serious other than an outlet for the stories that I was starting to conjure up on my own. I was constantly thinking of new adventures. I would walk to school every day, thinking of dragons, or bullies, or rock stars, or anything else that would make the dull walk tolerable. I wrote my short stories about the video games I played, or the history lessons I learned in school. I never took it seriously and used it as a tool more than anything. 

Somewhere along the way i began to really enjoy what I was creating. I knew that my dream was to be a writer. I have lost most of the writing that I did as a youngster but I still have those stories locked away in my mind and I am determined to start freeing them.

 *whew* Did you make it this far? Thank you for sticking with me. I think if you look around some time, really look around, you just might see those stories all around you

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